Post Jam Version 1.0.7

In this update, we've made it possible to close the quest menu by clicking off it. We have also made it possible to harvest crops with the inventory open and impossible to plant crops with the quest menu open. As well as this, we have made it more obvious when the plants are finished growing and are harvestable. We have also fixed a slight issue in the previous version so that you now must enter a name before starting the game. 

  • Made it so that if you have the inventory open, you CAN'T plant, as that would often break the inventory system.
  • Reduced music level, as it was a wee bit loud.
  • Fixed a few little bugs in the inventory / quest system.
  • Added suport for plants to work with new rooms.
  • Broke the game. Aaaahhhhhh.
  • Fixed the game, yaaaaayyyyyy!

Get Peculiar Farming - Post Jam Version

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